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The Fall Guy (English with English Subtitles)

02h 06m
2024 blockbuster Action Thriller adrenaline-packed cinema English movie high-stakes stunts movie with subtitles The Fall Guy film Victory Cinema Screening U/A
  • Director: David Leitch
  • Writers: Drew Pearce
  • Stars:
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Emily Blunt
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  • Hannah Waddingham
  • Teresa Palmer
  • Stephanie Hsu
  • Winston Duke

"The Fall Guy" (2024): A Thrilling Tribute to Stunt Performers at Victory Cinema, Bengaluru Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience with "The Fall Guy," a 2024 action-packed homage to the unsung heroes of the film industry—stunt performers. Directed by the visionary David Leitch, known for his masterful action direction in films like "John Wick" and "Deadpool 2," this movie is a love letter to the stunt community, showcasing the art of physical storytelling at its finest. Ryan Gosling stars as Colt Seavers, a stuntman who returns to the world of Hollywood to unravel the mystery of a missing movie star. Gosling's portrayal is a perfect blend of charisma, vulnerability, and physical prowess, making Seavers a compelling protagonist. Alongside Gosling, Emily Blunt shines as Jody Moreno, the director of the movie within the movie and Seavers' former flame. Their on-screen chemistry adds depth and emotional resonance to the high-stakes action. "The Fall Guy" boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Winston Duke, and Stephanie Hsu, each contributing to the film's dynamic pace and engaging narrative. With a budget of $125–$140 million, the movie promises breathtaking stunts and action sequences that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Experience the thrill of "The Fall Guy" at Victory Cinema in Bengaluru, the highest-rated movie theatre on Google Reviews and Justdial for both the city and the state of Karnataka. Victory Cinema's state-of-the-art technology, including RGB laser projection by Barco, Dolby Atmos sound, and the Clarus Silver Screen by Harkness Screens, ensures an unparalleled cinematic experience. Every explosion, car chase, and stunt will come to life with breathtaking clarity and immersion. Book your tickets now at, the official website of Victory Cinema, and enjoy the convenience of purchasing tickets without any additional fees. Don't miss the chance to witness this monumental achievement in action cinema, a film that not only entertains but also pays tribute to the stunt performers who make such cinematic feats possible. "The Fall Guy" is a must-watch for action enthusiasts and cinephiles alike. Its blend of action, comedy, and heart, coupled with stellar performances by the cast, makes it an unforgettable movie-going experience. Immerse yourself in the world of "The Fall Guy" at Victory Cinema, Bengaluru's premier destination for an unrivaled cinematic journey.