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Indian (Tamil with English Subtitles)

03h 05m
1996 Blockbuster AR Rahman Music Classic Tamil Film Indian Re-Release Kamal Haasan Shankar Movie Tamil Cinema Vigilante Movie U/A
  • Director: S. Shankar
  • Writers: S. Shankar
  • Stars:
  • Kamal Haasan
  • Manisha Koirala
  • Urmila Matondkar
  • Sukanya
  • Manorama
  • Goundamani
  • Senthil

Re-Experience the Magic of "INDIAN" (Tamil) at Victory Cinema "INDIAN," the 1996 Tamil blockbuster, is making a grand re-release, giving both seasoned fans and new viewers an opportunity to experience this cinematic masterpiece on the big screen once again. Directed by the visionary filmmaker Shankar and starring Kamal Haasan in dual roles, "INDIAN" is a film that has left an indelible mark on Tamil cinema. The Film's Legacy "INDIAN" is not just a movie; it's a cultural phenomenon. Released in 1996, the film combines elements of drama, action, and social commentary, creating a narrative that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The story revolves around Senapathy, a freedom fighter turned vigilante, who takes the law into his own hands to root out corruption. Kamal Haasan's portrayal of both Senapathy and his son Chandrabose showcases his versatility and acting prowess, making these characters iconic in Indian cinema. The film's music, composed by AR Rahman, is another highlight, with tracks that have remained popular over the years. Songs of this film are not just catchy tunes but integral parts of the film's storytelling. Watching "INDIAN" at Victory Cinema Victory Cinema in Bengaluru is a great venue to re-experience "INDIAN." Known for its state-of-the-art facilities, Victory Cinema offers an unparalleled movie-watching experience. Here’s why watching "INDIAN" at Victory Cinema is a must: Advanced Projection and Sound: Victory Cinema boasts the latest in projection technology, including a Clarus Silver Screen by Harkness Screens from London, and an RGB laser technology digital projector from Barco. This ensures that the visuals of "INDIAN" are as stunning as ever, capturing every detail of Shankar's intricate direction and the dynamic action sequences. Immersive Audio Experience: The cinema's sound system, featuring Dolby Atmos via JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers, and Dolby sound processors, provides an immersive audio experience. AR Rahman's legendary soundtrack and the film's powerful dialogues will resonate with crystal clarity, enhancing the emotional impact of the film. Comfort and Ambiance: Victory Cinema offers a comfortable and welcoming environment. With 505 seats designed for maximum comfort, you can sit back and enjoy the film without any distractions. The cinema's clean and well-maintained facilities ensure a pleasant experience from start to finish. Community and Nostalgia: Watching "INDIAN" at Victory Cinema is not just about the film itself but also about the community experience. Sharing the excitement and emotions with fellow moviegoers, many of whom may have fond memories of the film's original release, adds a layer of nostalgia and communal joy. It's a chance to relive the magic of the 90s, when "INDIAN" first captivated audiences. A Film Ahead of Its Time "INDIAN" was a film ahead of its time, addressing issues of corruption and justice that remain relevant today. Senapathy's quest for a corruption-free society resonates with contemporary audiences, making the film's re-release timely and significant. Shankar's direction, combined with Kamal Haasan's compelling performances and AR Rahman's unforgettable music, ensures that "INDIAN" remains a classic worth revisiting. The re-release of "INDIAN" at Victory Cinema is more than just a movie screening; it's a celebration of Tamil cinema and its rich history. Whether you are revisiting the film or watching it for the first time, the experience promises to be unforgettable. Victory Cinema's advanced facilities and dedication to providing the best possible viewing experience make it the ideal place to enjoy this iconic film. Don't miss the chance to see "INDIAN" in all its glory on the big screen at Victory Cinema. Book your tickets now and join us for a cinematic journey that is as thrilling and relevant today as it was over two decades ago.