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Kotee (Kannada with English Subtitles)

02h 49m
Action Daali Dhananjaya family drama Jio Kannada Cinema Kannada film Kotee film Rangayana Raghu Underworld Victory Cinema U/A
  • Director: Param
  • Writers: Param
  • Stars:
  • Dhananjaya
  • Moksha Kushal
  • Ramesh Indira
  • Tara
  • Rangayana Raghu
  • Pruthvi Shananur
  • Venkatesh
  • Sardar Satya
  • Abhishek Shrikanth

Kotee: A Gripping Kannada Thriller Exploring Power, Morality, and Sacrifice Kotee, the highly anticipated 2024 Kannada thriller drama, is set to captivate audiences with its gritty portrayal of corruption and one man's fight for justice. Directed by promising debutant Param and produced by Jyothi Deshpande under the Jio Studios banner, this film delves into the dark underbelly of Janatha city, where power and morality clash in a battle for survival. At the heart of the story is Kotee, an ordinary man played by the versatile Dhananjaya, who finds himself caught in extraordinary circumstances. Faced with mounting debts and the responsibility of providing for his sister's marriage, Kotee defies the ruthless gang leader Dinoo Saavkaar, portrayed menacingly by Ramesh Indira. As the conflict escalates, Kotee must make a life-altering choice: eliminate or be eliminated. The film's themes of power, morality, and sacrifice are expertly woven into the narrative, creating a thought-provoking and emotionally charged experience. Kotee's struggle mirrors the larger battle between good and evil, as he navigates the treacherous waters of corruption and injustice. Complementing Dhananjaya's compelling performance is a talented ensemble cast, including Moksha Kushal as Navami, Kotee's love interest, who provides emotional depth to the plot. Tara as Kotee's mother, Rangayana Raghu as Ramanna, and Thanuja Venkatesh as Kotee's sister round out the cast, each delivering nuanced performances that bring the story to life. Shot in the picturesque locations of Bengaluru and Mysuru, Kotee captures the essence of these cities through Arun Bhrama's masterful cinematography. The visuals paint a vivid picture, emphasizing the stark contrasts between Kotee's humble surroundings and the opulence of Dinoo's empire. The soul-stirring music by Vasuki Vaibhav elevates the film to new heights, with haunting melodies and energetic tracks that perfectly complement the emotional moments. Keep an ear out for "Maathu Sothu," a poignant song that encapsulates Kotee's struggles and determination. As Kotee gears up for its theatrical release on June 14, 2024, anticipation is running high. With its intriguing premise, strong performances, and socially relevant themes, this film promises to be a gripping cinematic experience that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. For those eager to secure their seats for this must-watch thriller, booking tickets at Victory Cinema is a breeze through its website, As Bengaluru's premier movie destination, Victory Cinema offers an unparalleled viewing experience with state-of-the-art sound and projection technology, ensuring that every moment of Kotee comes to life on the big screen. Don't miss your chance to witness this powerful tale of one man's fight against corruption and injustice. Mark your calendars for June 14, 2024, and prepare to be captivated by Kotee, a film that promises to leave a lasting impact on Kannada cinema.